Welcome to Say Hi USA

Hello friends. Welcome to our site.

So what do you think of our new site? It’s just getting started and I’m very excited. I got the idea for this site while planning my husband’s birthday party.

We had both been so busy with our careers, me as president of 1800WeAnswer and EFLS and Bob as writer of musicals that we had lost touch with many friends and were trying to find a way to reconnect. Now that we were winding down a trifle, he was born in 1926 and I 1947, our priorities were shifting and we realized how much we missed our old friends.

The search for them began in earnest as Bob’s 80th birthday approached. We tried every which way to find them: Google, White pages, People Search, etc, etc. For many the only information we had besides their name was mother’s name, a name of pet or an organization they may have worked for or been involved with years ago.

My husband suggested I start a web site to find people even if you had very limited information. He being the “creative idea person” and myself “the make it happen person”, I began to form an idea for this site.

As I began to talk about this site with friends I heard many of the same comments:
- Could the site target people over 50? - We would like to reconnect with old friends - Meet new people - Be informed of social events - Find individuals or couples to share dinners, travel, theater, card games, walking, etc. - Find part time work and volunteer opportunities - Make the site easy to navigate and FREE

I hope this site accomplishes all of this and more.

Please help us spread the word and tell your friends to join us today!


Jo-Ann Sickinger

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