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Grand Rapids Bar Association
Date posted: June 05, 2008
Location: Michigan, Grand Rapids
Description: Become a Volunteer Intake Consultant The LRIS is a public service component of the GRBA. When situations arise, many people assume they need an attorney, however, about one-half of our callers do not need one. We refer them instead to one of several community organizations that can provide assistance in resolving their questions. These organizations include the Dispute Resolution Center, Small Claims Court, the Grand Rapids Urban League, and the Department of Civil Rights. When a caller does need an attorney, a volunteer obtains information from the caller, arranges an appointment with an attorney who practices in the area of need, and makes a return call to the client to confirm the appointment. When an appointment is made through our office, the client knows that the attorney practices in an area of law that will allow him or her to respond to the client’s matter, and that the attorney has no conflicts of interest. As an intake consultant, volunteers will have great opportunities to learn about the legal system and community organizations. The LRIS trains volunteers in listening skills. This is an excellent personal growth opportunity and will enhance your resume. Volunteering also provides an opportunity to give back to the community by helping to close the legal gap. Volunteers must be mature, attentive, patient, and willing to commit to service in a legal environment for four hours per week for a period of at least 6 months. Volunteer Intake Consultants first complete a thorough training program, followed by on-the-job training. It is important that the volunteer be able to ask the correct questions in order to determine whether or not the caller may need to consult with an attorney. Information about the various community agencies is also provided. Training on specific computer programs is also included. The training is not difficult, just important. 616.454.5550
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