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Date posted: November 16, 2008
Location: New York, New York
Description: Seeking Giftwrapping Volunteers @ Borders in NYC beginning Dec 2008: Borders giftwrapping program We need your help! We have open slots for giftwrappers during the below noted shifts at various Borders in Manhattan, from beginning December thru Dec 24, in NYC. We lose the opportunity in raising valuable funds for THF with every slot that goes unfilled. Please consider taking a shift or two (2-4 hours), and asking your friends/colleagues, who may be able to assist, during this time of season, noted for giving and helping others. It is also a great way to meet interesting people during the holiday shopping season, and may serve as a great networking opportunity for many, as well as to also promote and bring awareness, to TSUNAMI Hospital & Orphanage Foundation ("THF") and its mission/goals, and to expand THF Awareness, our contacts, team and relationships. We "suggest" a minimum of 2 hours, volunteering, per shift, if available. Any time, though, would be greatly appreciated We need at least 1 person per shift (2 preferred). Thank you! Best Regards, George Assad Co-Founder/Co-Chairman & Managing Director TSUNAMI Hospital (& Orphanage) Foundation - Sri Lanka (new website coming soon)
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