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Date posted: March 27, 2008
Location: Florida, All states in the U S A online/phone/home
Description: Fun positions two types! Part or Full Time with the project as seen on TV. Volunteers needed in all states who will send scripted news release or an announcement to a variety of celebrities, TV producers, news paper and magazine editors. All contacts provided but if you have local contacts all the better...... Also volunteers should have PC high speed access and the ability to make unlimited phone calls meaning no additional charges for local or long distance. Other position is called a news tracker who will identify and report stories in the local media and forward by e mail to this office; as they relate to our efforts to protect children and parents from crime. This can be done manually by seeing stories on TV or reading stories in the paper or if your acquainted with the RSS feed software offered by the media..... we will assist in setting it up for you. This method will identify those targeted incidents or news stories as they relate to our efforts which are sent to you automatically through the RSS feed. Starting a nationwide media tour in late April so please E Mail us today. The cities include NYC, ORD, ORL, WAS, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, LAX, SFO, Seattle. So join our effort make a difference have fun and help your local community.Current Openings available in every state apply NOW See recent TV appearance
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